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First things first... we are a Full Funnel Agency.

What does this mean? "Full Funnel" requires both your inbound marketing and inbound sales work together in a unified manner to turn cold traffic into lifelong customers.

Simply put, we help you get customers and take care of the process from "Click to Close".

It means setting up your digital marketing platforms, running online ads, building out your landing pages, lead capture forms, email marketing, and providing your staff with training on how to follow up with leads, set appointments, upsell patients to increase their Lifetime Value, and stay in touch with them to keep them coming back for more.

Plus, our copywriters and designers provide all the creative for your ads and even direct mail pieces.

We’ve helped 100’s of dentists and chiropractors, just like you, put your marketing budget to work more effectively.

In fact, one of our newest clients, a dentist in Springfield, Virginia, is getting new leads --- name, phone number, and email address --- for an average of just $7.01 each.

How much more money would your practice bring in each year to its top line if it only cost you $7 for a lead instead of $20, $30, or even $50?

Look, we save you money while getting more customers and increasing sales --- it's what we do.

For a small investment, which is probably a lot less than you’re paying in advertising and marketing now, you can have a truly remarkable marketing solution which brings in new prospects every day… for less than you can imagine.

Click the button below... fill out the short form... and we'll have a conversation about where you want your practice to go. 

We'll help you get there.
Identify Your Unique Selling Position and Watch Your Sales Explode
- Brooks Rembert - 
Discover the Best Tools to Get More Online Leads and Sales
Your website shouldn't be a billboard... it has to be a salesman. And a excellent one!

As a matter of fact --- today, your website should have only one mission --- to generate leads for you.

But figuring out how to get everything set up can be confusing and frustrating.

The most effective way to sell online is to set up a sales funnel, which is simply a "workflow" which takes someone from a potential customer all the way to a lifelong advocate of your business.

We've put together a quick guide to get you started. In it, you'll find the tools we recommend and the steps to take so your sales funnel will shine.

Imagine how much easier life will be when you have an online "salesman" working 24 hours a day getting you new hot prospects and leads.

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Dentists & Chiropractors: Get More Patients
The typical dental or chiropractic practice pays over $50 for a lead and over $100 to get them in your office.

After figuring costs such as Yellow Page or newspaper ad costs, direct mail postcard design and postage, or radio ad spend, a solid average of $50 is spent to get someone's name and phone number when they've expressed an interest in your service.

This is crazy! But it's not your fault. You were probably told to simply send out direct mail postcards, advertise in the newspaper, and your waiting room will fill up.

Well maybe... but at what cost?

Digital marketing, which is one piece of a full sales funnel, allows you to target your ideal customer with pinpoint accuracy --- showing them relevant specials to get them in the door.

We get you new patient leads for WAY less than you pay now, plus set you up with an email campaign to stay in touch with them to keep them as lifelong customers and increase the Lifetime Value of each patient.

Imagine what it will be like to have a waiting room full of customers who are eager... yes eager... to give you more money.

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